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Book recommendation and yielding a generator

January 30, 2013

Recently, a friend referred me to a great book called Writing Idiomatic Python. I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to get better at Python. It goes through a lot a tricks and formalisms that will help you write readable, pythonic code.

Actually, in that book, I finally learned how to properly use the ‘yield’ statement as a generator. The yield statement produces the next value in our generator. I think an example will help. His example is somewhat complicated, so I’m going to go with a very contrived example:

def pows(x):
  out = 1
  while True:
    out *= x
    yield x

We can use that function in the same way we would use any other (infinite) generator: e.g. for x in pows(2.0):. That would allow you to calculate some function of the powers of 2.0 without needing to specify how many powers you are going to calculate.


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